Project Partners

photonixFAB consortium

The photonixFAB consortium is made up of major public and private enterprises, plus highly respected research institutes – all focusing on the development and production of next-generation silicon photonics.

Covering the entire value chain

The photonixFAB partners are covering the entire photonics value chain. These high-profile partners include technology and manufacturing service providers X-FAB, LIGENTEC, SMART Photonics, PHIX Photonics Assembly and Luceda Photonics plus application developers Nokia, NVIDIA, Aryballe and PhotonFirst, as well as the major research organizations CEA-Leti and IMEC.


Founded in 2014, Aryballe is a Grenoble-based start-up with subsidiaries in the US and South Korea, and about 20 employees. Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning in a single objective solution to collect, display and analyze odor data so companies can make better decisions.  

Aryballe’s products are silicon photonics-based sensors. Biosensors are grafted to silicon photonics offering a robust, reliable solution for capturing odor data. Our software provides easy-to-use protocol and analysis tools that enable users in R&D, quality and manufacturing to integrate digital odor data into their decision-making process. We currently serve the flavor & fragrances, food, cosmetics and automotive industries, with a growing interest in health and environmental applications. 


CEA-Leti (Laboratoire d'électronique des technologies de l'information) is a research institute for electronics and information technologies, based in Grenoble, France. It is one of the world's largest organizations for applied research in microelectronics and nanotechnology.

The French research organization is a global leader in miniaturization technologies enabling smart, energy-efficient and secure technologies solutions for industry. Activities of the Optics and Photonics division cover most of industrial markets for photonics: imaging – data communications – environmental and 3D sensors – displays.​ 


Imec is an independent world leader in nanoelectronics R&D and digital technologies, driving 40 years of microchip innovation. Our top talent, unique infrastructure, and worldwide partner network guarantee that we achieve nanotech breakthroughs that are advancing chips to be smaller, faster, more affordable, and more sustainable. With 5,500+ talented employees from more than 95 nationalities, we bridge the gap between academia and industry, accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology from the research lab to the market.

Our seamless fusion of cutting-edge microchip technology with profound data and AI knowledge enables deep-tech innovation to tackle global challenges. Imec’s innovations serve as the bedrock of many new applications impacting health, mobility, energy, agrifood, industry 5.0, and telecom. Our open innovation network gathers the global nanoelectronics value chain, from system companies to chip manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, design houses, etc. Together, we're defining the industry’s next steps for a better life through technology leadership and impactful solutions.  


LIGENTEC supplies application specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) to customers in high-tech markets such as quantum computing, advanced computing, communication, autonomous driving, space and biosensors. LIGENTEC’s proprietary, patented and fully CMOS compatible technology, originally developed at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), provides PICs at better performance than today’s state of the art, on top of which active components can be integrated to enable even more on-chip functionality. It essentially combines the benefits of known, low loss material such as glass with the benefits of silicon photonics and addresses with its low loss and short production cycle the main challenges of integrated photonics today. 

LIGENTEC offers a seamless path from R&D to volume, supported by its low entry barrier MPW services, custom PIC developments and high-volume production in a 200mm, IATF 16949 certified CMOS foundry. ISO 9001:2015 certified LIGENTEC is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and Corbeil-Essonnes, Île-de-France, France.


Luceda Photonics is a leading provider of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design software and services headquartered in Dendermonde/Belgium. Luceda Photonics allows photonic IC designers to enjoy the same power as electronic IC designers. Luceda Photonics’ PIC design software, The Luceda Photonics Design Platform, enables designers to design, simulate, and PICs and empowers photonic designers to quickly achieve their tape-out, getting their designs right the first time. The company leverages more than 50 years of photonic experience to help its customers create manufacturable designs worldwide and supports close to 30 PDKs from over 20 fabs. Luceda Photonics is active in various application areas, such as the data & telecom market, lidar for self-driving cars, quantum computing, sensing and biosensing, and more. 


NOKIA is a global corporation active in telecommunication and information technology markets. Headquartered in Finland, NOKIA has offices and labs in more than 100 countries.​

The mission of NOKIA Italy Advanced Optics Lab, located in Vimercate, is to develop Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) as differentiating assets for NOKIA OPTICS Subsystems Product range. Having 1100 employees, of which 30% are busy within R&D, Nokia Italy supports wireless and optical fiber communication product development with expertise in HW/SW design, system architecture and advanced DSP techniques. 


NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU (graphics processing unit) in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined computer graphics, ignited the era of modern AI and is fueling the creation of the metaverse. NVIDIA is now a full-stack computing company with data-center-scale offerings that are reshaping industry.  

NVIDIA accelerated networking solutions, featuring NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand and Spectrum Ethernet Platforms, gives enterprises infrastructure flexibility to support develop-to-deploy implementations across all modern workloads and storage requirements that enable a new era of accelerated computing to maximize AI investments.  

PHIX Photonics Assembly

PHIX is a world leading packaging and assembly foundry for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), building optoelectronic modules based on all major PIC technology platforms in scalable manufacturing volumes. We specialize in chip-to-chip hybrid integration, coupling to fiber arrays, and interfacing of DC and RF electrical signals. By offering our knowledge already at the chip design stage, we ensure ease of scale-up for volume manufacturing and provide a one-stop-shop for PIC assembly.  


PhotonFirst is a pioneer in next-generation smart sensing technologies. Since 2006, PhotonFirst is unlocking the power of the photon to measure temperature, strain, pressure and shape. We support our customers to develop new or improved (better, faster, cheaper, more efficient) photonics sensing solutions and have everything needed in-house to industrialize, produce, scale, certify, supply and service these subsequently. We use PIC technology at the core of our measurement systems for FBG-based sensing, that allows us to deliver reliable, scalable, and affordable products that enable a paradigm shift in the fiber optic sensing world.  

SMART Photonics

SMART Photonics provides pure-play Indium Phosphide (InP) foundry services for multiple photonics markets. Their facility in Eindhoven offers full (4-inch) wafer processing services from base epitaxial growth to back-end processing, including thinning and die-singulation. SMART has unique and world-leading experience in the design and manufacture of monolithically integrated InP PICs. The company enables customers to design their own PIC designs for manufacture through SMART's PDK, comprising well-characterized building blocks involving both active (SOAs, modulators and detectors) and passive (low loss waveguides, splitters, AWGs) components.

X-FAB Group

X-FAB is the leading analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry group manufacturing silicon wafers for automotive, industrial, consumer, medical and other applications. Its customers worldwide benefit from the highest quality standards, manufacturing excellence and innovative solutions by using X-FAB’s modular CMOS and SOI processes in geometries ranging from 1.0 µm to 110 nm, and its special silicon carbide and MEMS long-lifetime processes. X-FAB’s analog-digital integrated circuits (mixed-signal ICs), sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are manufactured at six production facilities in Germany, France, Malaysia and the U.S. X-FAB employs about 4,200 people worldwide.