Chips JU Launch Event - photonixFAB was there!

Global chip shortages and massive supply chain bottlenecks in recent years have emphasized the importance of the semiconductor industry in Europe. The creation of the European Chips Act was an important step in determining the future and sovereignty of the semiconductor ecosystem in Europe.

Held in Brussels (30 Nov. to 1 Dec., 2023), the Chips JU launch event celebrated the establishment of the new Chips Joint Undertaking, a groundbreaking initiative in the field of microelectronics and semiconductor technologies. The Chips Joint Undertaking is a collaborative effort aimed at bolstering Europe's position as a global leader in the semiconductor industry. It has been formed in response to the increasing demand for advanced chip technologies and the recognition of their strategic importance across various sectors.

photonixFAB was represented with an own booth at the Chips JU Walk of Fame.

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